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Pin Practical Ads

Are you ready to learn how to create the perfect low-cost promoted pin?

About the Creator - Monica Froese from Redefining Mom

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Monica Froese, creator of Pin Practical Masterclass

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You're going to learn...

  • How to find the right keywords to target for your promoted pin campaign
  • The 5 principles for creating click-worthy Pinterest images
  • How to create multiple Pinterest images (fast!) for a/b split testing in your promoted pin campaign
  • How to set up the perfect low-cost promoted pin campaign


Pin Practical Ads

This view is showing you that I've been running the campaign just shy of 30 days. I took about a week break in the middle for the Christmas holiday when people were most likely going to be offline. That means the campaign has been running for roughly 3 weeks total. I'm spending approximately $10/day for a total of $200.58 for the lifetime of the campaign so far.  

My CPC (cost-per-click) is only $.12. BUT, let's look at the real value of this campaign...

Pin Practical Ads

In the same campaign, I've turned 740 people (out of 1,692 clicks) into EMAIL SUBSCRIBERS! Even better? Each subscriber only cost $.27! This is practically impossible to do with Facebook Ads and it's exactly why I love promoted pins so much!

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"Promoted pins were a mystery to me before learning Monica's easy-to-follow method. Now I'm creating promoted pins for myself and my clients that are converting into email signups and sales like gangbusters AND at a super low cost!" ~Heather, The Balanced Mamas

Pin Practical Ads testimonial
Pin Practical Ads testimonial

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3-day Pinterest challenge for bloggers and online business owners! Pin Practical Ads will teach you how to run the perfect low-cost promoted pin! Promoted Pins for business | Pinterest tips | how to use Pinterest | Pinterest marketing strategies for bloggers via @redefinemom