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The BEST Email Marketing Course for Bloggers



ConvertKit Masterclass

Leveraging the power of email marketing, I was able to build my monthly income from $1,000 to $10,000 in 9 months!

You've heard buiding an email list is a necessity for building a successful business, but you just don't get it. 

You may have had one of these thoughts cross your mind when someone tells you to build an email list...

  • Which email servicer provider should I choose?
  • WHAT IS an email service provider?!
  • Why do I need an email list? Can't I just use social media to grow my business?
  • The tech! Oh-my-gosh, the tech! Please stop speaking in Greek to me!
  • I know I need an email list, but I don't have time!
  • I'm terrible at marketing...
  • I don't know what I'd even say in an email to a huge number of people... 

...ugh, I know, It sounds complicated doesn't it?!

I have good news for you! There is only one secret to building a thriving email list... offer value!

Wait, did I just oversimplify the process?!

Don't worry, I've got you covered! I am going to teach you step-by-step exactly how to start, grow, and nurture your email list in The ConvertKit Masterclass. 

Monica knows her stuff when it comes to Convertkit and how to effectively use email marketing to engage with her audience. The swipe file she provided is so helpful in helping me create my own email sequences since I had no idea how to go about emailing my subscribers. I can't wait for her Convertkit Masterclass to come out! The first video alone blew my mind!

~SUSAN CABEZAS, Social Media Expert at Being More Social

Susan Cabezas testimonial for Busy Moms Building


  • ConvertKit is an easy to use email marketing service provider designed specifically to meet the needs of bloggers  
  • ConvertKit's platform is powerful and intuitive yet easy to navigate  
  • ConvertKit makes it easy to monetize your email list using affiliate marketing


  • How to set up ConvertKit as your email service provider & connect your email list to your website <-- no scary tech here, I promise!
  • All of the features and logic of ConvertKit broken down and explained in an easy-to-understand way
  • How to create irresistible opt-in offers to attract your ideal customer & exactly how to set them up in ConvertKit and your website


ConvertKit Masterclass

Get free access to my SWIPE FILE for writing the PERFECT EMAIL WELCOME SEQUENCE in under 20 minutes!

I'm providing the copy and an instructional video for FREE because I want to show you how easy it is.



Creating a welcome sequence had been on my to-do list for MONTHS, yet when I sat down to write them, I kept getting stuck. A blank screen is discouraging. When Monica offered her swipe file, I snagged it immediately and am SO glad I did! I literally wrote out my entire welcome sequence during a hair appointment, while my color was processing! I'd probably still be spinning my wheels without the swipe file -- fill-in-the-blank style e-mail templates that I could customize to match my own voice and offerings. 

~ROBIN KEGERISE, Online Business Owner at She Works Heartily 

I am a new blogger and have been terrified and confused by email sequences. Monica gave me the actual template for the welcome sequence, so that I had a jumping off point and could tweak it to match my style. This process helped to ease my stress and make me feel confident about my finished product. Convertkit is a daunting program, but Monica covers it step by step, which allowed me time to work on my project and not muddle through it by myself. When I tried it by myself before I got her swipe file, I was terrible at it, but now I have the perfect starting point for my welcome sequence. Blogging is hard enough, so I am thankful for all of the help that I can get! Thanks Monica!

~MICHAEL CUSTER, Lawyer by day Blogger at MMMCUSTER by night

Busy Moms Building 12 Steps to Running Your Own Online Business for Busy Moms

I have been using ConvertKit for about 6 months now and I had barely scratched the surface with it until I took Monica's ConvertKit Masterclass. She goes into detail and explains everything in such plain terms. I was blown away by the features that I'm paying for with ConvertKit that I never knew I could use! Plus, she teaches me how to make sure my emails aren't going to spam! This course is so comprehensive and detailed, yet simplified enough that I was not overwhelmed. You won't regret jumping on board with this one!

~HEATHER FARRIS, Blogger at Blissful Intent


Two Options

CONVERTKIT 101: Blueprint for Email Marketing Success 

ConvertKit Masterclass
  • Email Service Providers: Why ConvertKit?
  • Easily Transfer Your Existing Subscriber List to ConvertKit
  • How to Send Emails from Your Domain Email Address
  • Sequences vs Broadcasts: How to Use Different Types of Emails to Your Advantage
  • ConvertKit Forms: Everything You Need to Know About Collecting Email Subscribers
  • Tags vs Segments: Strategically Send Emails to Your Customers
  • Advance Your Business with Automations: Your New Best Friend!
  • 13 Unique Emails to Send to Your List
  • 16 Valuable Freebies You Can Offer Your Subscribers
  • Create a Beautiful Freebie in Canva
  • Create a Landing Page to Promote Your Freebie

CONVERTKIT 201: List Growth Hacks

ConvertKit Masterclass

you get everything above plus...

  • How to Embed a ConvertKit Form in Strategic Places Throughout Your Website
  • How to Embed a Video Inside Your Emails
  • 3 Ways to Deliver Your Freebie to New Email Subscribers
  • 15 Growth Hacks for Promoting Your Freebies 
  • My #1 Tip for Preventing Your Emails From Going to Spam
  • How to Avoid the Dreaded Spam Filter
  • Leverage the Power of Email Filters
  • Pruning Your Email List: Why You MUST Delete Cold Subscribers & How to do it!
  • My Favorite Trick for Preventing Hundreds of Unsubscribers
  • My BEST Email Funnel Tip: How to Maximize Your Revenue Using Upsell Offers in Your Emails
  • 5 Tips for Achieving Your First $1,000 Month


  • Swipe File: Write Your First Email Welcome Sequence in Under 20 Minutes!
  • Swipe File Hack: Get Your Welcome Sequence + Your First Automation Trigger set up in 10 Minutes or Less!
  • Growth Hack: How to Use LeadBoxes to Grow Your Email List
  • My #1 FAVORITE WordPress Plugin for Driving MORE Traffic to Your Website & How to Use It
  • ONE MONTH FREE OF CONVERTKIT! (new customers only)


MARCH 2016

Started Email List

Email list: 52

Page views: 11,595

Monthly income: $0


Switched to ConvertKit & Quit My Corporate Career 

Email list: 1,800

Page views: 29,923

Monthly income: 1st $1,000 month

APRIL 2017

Focused on Nurturing Email Subscribers into Paying Customers 

Email list: 14,000+

Page views: 64,095

Monthly income: $10,000

Monica's awesome content always appears in my inbox just when I need it most. Her swipe file for 'writing the perfect email welcome sequence' was no different. I am just getting started on my email marketing strategy and this was exactly what I needed! Easy to personalize templates for any business and the free video on how to set up your email sequence in ConvertKit was the icing on the cake. Easy to follow and my ConvertKit account was up and running in no time. Thanks Monica for another great piece of content that really pushed my business forward!

~ASHLEY WILSON, Online Business Owner at The Sharing Exchange

I'm new to blogging and I never knew what to write to my subscribers. Monica's free email sequence swipe file was so helpful. I now have a fantastic welcome series to greet my new subscribers that come to my blog.

~JILLIAN GROVER, Blogger at Doing Away with Perfect


Busy Moms Building: 12 Steps to Running an Online Business for Busy Moms

Hi! I'm Monica, a mom, wife, blogger, and entrepreneur. I have an MBA degree in finance and marketing and blog at Redefining Mom, a site for helping moms build thriving online businesses. In 2015, I traveled to the White House to discuss family-friendly workplace policies with the President's senior advisors and have been featured on several media outlets including Fox News, Healthline, and Mom Talk Radio. With my tactical approach to balancing family and online business, I help moms build successful businesses and change their lives at the same time.


I use a different email service provider, should I still enroll in the ConvertKit Masterclass?

Absolutely! Part of growing a successful online business is constantly re-evaluating what works and doesn't work. You don't know what you don't know, right? Plus, enrolling in ConvertKit Masterclass 201 comes with a free month of ConvertKit so you can check it out!

Why are you offering two different levels?

Great question! First and foremost, choosing the right email service provider for your business is a big deal! In ConvertKit 101, I wanted to give you all of the tools you needed to make the right decision because there is no benefit to either of us if you end up purchasing ConvertKit and it doesn't meet your needs. And, if ConvertKit is right for you, you can upgrade to the ConvertKit Masterclass 201 to get all of my advanced strategies and your first month of ConvertKit for free!  

What if I don't know anything about email marketing, will this help me?

Yes! I cover basics of email marketing in the very first video. By the end of the course, you will be convinced that starting an email list is the best course of action for your business! 

How do I access the ConvertKit Masterclass course?

Great question! The ConvertKit Masterclass is hosted on the Thinkific course platform. When you checkout via a secure connection with Thinkific, you will be prompted to create a username and password. After you create your username and password, you'll be sent to a secure checkout form where you can use any major credit card or PayPal for payment.


ConvertKit 101 Blueprint for Email Marketing Success 

  • 8 Video Tutorials
  • 3 Awesome Text Lessons 

ConvertKit 201 List Growth Hacks

everything included in ConvertKit Masterclass 101 and so much more...

  • 19 Video Tutorials
  • 7 Awesome Text Lessons 
  • BONUS ONE FREE Month of ConvertKit (new customers only)




ConvertKit Masterclass
ConvertKit Masterclass