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Ultimate Family Budget System™

Family Budget System

Your all-in-one resource for claiming control and enjoying financial freedom with your family budget!

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You deserve to...

💰 Enjoy your hard-earned money without guilt

✈️ Take your kids on vacation without stressing

🥂 Go on regular date nights again


The Ultimate Family Budget System is here to help you!

So you can finally...

  • Set up a reward-based system for crushing your debt and managing your family budget
  • Get the exact system I used to pay off $65,000 in credit card debt
  • A plug-and-play system for planning out how and when you'll be totally debt-free
  • Use our debt snowball method to reach your goals even faster
  • Work WITH your partner in a collaborative spreadsheet -- no more fights over money
  • PLUS tons of extras to make managing your day-to-day finances easier than ever
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Everything that's included...

Family Budget Spreadsheet


Take control over your family budget in less than 30-minutes a month. Manage your family finances by paycheck. It's super easy!

  • 6 tabs to easily track monthly and yearly expenses, project your cash flow, monthly snapshots of your income and expenses, a check ledger, and a login tracker
  • Google Sheets spreadsheet that can easily be converted to Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers and used on any type of device
  • 22-minute instructional video to help you start using the spreadsheet quickly and easily
  • Project out your cash flow for the entire year and never be surprised by an unexpected expense ever again
  • Pay your bills based on our paycheck budgeting system making managing your monthly finances super easy
  • Track all of your expenses and income for the month and year
Debt Payoff Tracking Spreadsheet


Easily track and create a solid plan for your debt with this digital debt tracker. Making strides in your debt has never been easier!

  • 7 tabs to help you track and manage your debt, as well as create rewards for pay-off milestones
  • Google Sheets spreadsheet that can easily be converted to Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers and used on any type of device
  • 18-minute instructional video to help you start using the spreadsheet quickly and easily
  • Create a pay-off plan for each loan and use our debt snowball system to make it super easy and fun
  • Prioritize debts and easily find out when you could pay off each loan


Track, plan, and feel confident about your financial goals with this printable planner! 20 pages to help you take control of your money and crush your goals.

  • 20 - 8.5" x 11" printable PDF pages
  • Available in both color and black and white
  • Track and plan for weekly, monthly, and yearly expenses
  • Start saving for an emergency fund
  • Track passwords and insurance information
  • Plan meals and declutter paperwork


Take control of your cash by categorizing your spending and tracking where your money goes!

  • 10 Printable cut and fold cash envelopes
  • 10 Printable A6 size cash envelope inserts for plastic envelopes
  • Track the month, starting balance, and refill frequency
  • Track every transaction and keep a running total of cash
  • Confidently spend your money knowing every penny is being spent purposefully!
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I started my first blog in 2013 while working in corporate America and suffering from severe postpartum PTSD. Soon after having my daughter, I realized that if I wanted to quit my corporate career to start my own business, I'd have to get our family finances under control.

My husband and I paid off $65,000 in credit card debt in two years using the exact tools in the Ultimate Family Budget System!

During the day, I am a marketing strategist. I have an MBA degree in finance and marketing and own two websites. The first is Redefining Mom, a site for helping moms thrive in both motherhood and business. The second is Empowered Business where I empower women to achieve financial independence through creating six-figure digital products.

Using my background in finance and my husband's knack for creating spreadsheets, we put together an easy-to-use budget system that we know can change your life too!

Frequently Asked Questions

This bundle comes with our ultimate money planner printable PDF pack as well as 10 printable cash envelopes in PDF format.

The Family Budget Spreadsheet and the Debt Tracker Spreadsheet comes in Google Sheets and you can download it for use in Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers. All you need to access both spreadsheets is a free Google account!

You do not need to be an expert with spreadsheets for this system to work for you. We give detailed instructions to make everything super easy.

I do recommend having a basic understanding of how spreadsheets work.

Absolutely! I've included detailed instructions to help you setup the spreadsheet to match how you are paid.

No, this is a digital product only. Everything you need will be delivered to you to download via email.

Absolutely! The formulas are built right into each spreadsheet for you. Plus, there is a detailed instruction sheet and video to walk you through every step of the process.

Nope! The printable cash envelopes come in printable PDF format and are ready to use with no additional purchase necessary.

I do recommend plastic envelopes you can buy to make the printable cash envelopes inserts. This is a more durable option but it is not necessary.

Due to the digital nature of the downloads and the instant access you will be provided, we do not offer refunds. However, this system has been used by over 10,000 families and we've only been asked for a refund once so I am very confident you'll find this system incredibly valuable!

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  • Family Budget Spreadsheet ($17): Manage your family budget in under 30 minutes a month
Family Budget Spreadsheet


  • Family Budget Spreadsheet ($17): Manage your family budget in under 30 minutes a month
  • Debt Payoff Tracker Spreadsheet ($27): Use the snowball system to get out of debt fast
  • Ultimate Money Planner ($27): 20 pages of family budgeting and tracking sheets
  • 10-Pack of Cash Envelopes ($17): Formatted for either cut-and-fold envelopes or A6 plastic envelope labels
Family Budget System


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