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The Most Comprehensive Pinterest Ads Course Available

Leverage promoted pins to attract qualified leads, automate your sales funnels, and make more profit!

You’ve heard that Pinterest can be a GAME CHANGER when it comes to marketing your business, but you feel totally LOST.

You are changing lives (including yours!) with the products and services you sell and want to make more of an impact. So you’ve turned to Pinterest as a way to find more leads and automate your sales.  

The only problem? The promoted pins you’ve set up in the past haven’t seemed to work. It feels like you’re throwing spaghetti at the wall trying to figure out target audiences, set up your funnels, and read analytics reports. 

All the trial and error is so frustrating. Seeing little to no return on your ad spend is driving you crazy and hurting your wallet. You’re starting to wonder if Pinterest ads are even worth it.  

I’m here to tell you that THEY ARE. You CAN be wildly successful with promoted pins... if you have a solid strategy.

In my online course, Pin Practical Promotions, I’ll walk you through setting up the most powerful Pinterest ads, WITHOUT the overwhelm, so you can impact more people with your amazing offerings. 

Imagine what it would be like if…

  • Your innovative offerings could reach a wider audience, drawing targeted leads right to your website and allowing you to serve and impact more people 
  • You were able to map out fully-strategized Pinterest ad campaigns without wasting any more of your hard-earned money and precious time  
  • You had access to time-tested blueprints of the BEST CONVERTING sales funnels on Pinterest to help you reach your passive income goals
  • You spent less time focused on marketing and more time actually doing what you love, like moving your business forward and enjoying your family 
  • You felt in control of your Pinterest strategy and had a clear answer for your most pressing questions
  • You could eliminate the stress you feel towards Pinterest advertising campaigns because you knew the exact steps to take to improve your very next ad

With the Pin Practical Promotions course you can get the crystal clear answers you’ve been searching for, run even stronger promotions, and see your profits begin to climb higher and higher!

Industry leader and founder of Simple Pin Media, Kate Ahl, had this to say about Pin Practical Promotions...

Pin Practical Promotions taught our Pinterest agency how to run effective promoted pin campaigns that serve a variety of goals for our clients. The step-by-step thorough process helped us understand promoted pins in a deeper way without all the trial and error of running several failed campaigns. We are no longer floundering, we're streamlined in our system with promoted pins. Pin Practical Promotions is a game changer! 

Smart business owners are choosing Promoted Pins over Facebook ads, Instagram sponsored posts, and other paid advertising

325 million active Pinterest Users

1 out of 2 Millennials use Pinterest 

40% make more than $100k/year

1 out of 2 have purchased from a Pinterest ad

$2 profit for every $1 spent on Pinterest ads

Pinterest has over 325 million active users BUT has drastically less competition than any other ad platform. By becoming an early adopter on this relatively new, HUGE platform and spending your money on promoted pins, you’ll be able to “skip the line” to the top of search results!  

By boosting a pin’s visibility you can increase traffic to your website, email list sign ups, brand awareness, and passive sales. It’s true! One little pin on Pinterest has the power to transform the profitability of your business.

In fact, 1 out of every 2 Pinterest users have purchased directly from a Pinterest ad... and advertisers make an average of $2 profit for every $1 they spend on promoted pins. This means the odds of making a great profit using Pinterest advertising are overwhelmingly in your favor! 

Take a look at how Heather experienced this firsthand...

Heather spent $620.78 promoting a free opt-in about decluttering to a cold audience. She collected 1,693 new email addresses for only 37 cents each! 

Even better, she made almost 3x her ad spend back and walked away with $1,955 in revenue!


Hi, I'm Monica! 

About the Creator - Monica Froese from Redefining Mom

In 2013 I launched my blog, Redefining Mom, seven months after my first daughter was born and in the thick of severe postpartum PTSD. I was working in a Fortune 100 company running multi-million dollar marketing campaigns with huge brands like Microsoft, HP, and Cisco at the time.  

I was initially just looking for a place to vent about frustrating maternity leave policies in the United States, but I quickly realized I was giving a voice to other working mothers struggling with the same feelings I had. I knew my blog could make more of an impact on my audience than I thought if I was willing to dive all the way in.  

I put my MBA degree in finance and marketing to good use and began to promote my blog using a variety of ad platforms. Pinterest quickly became a frontrunner and showed me the most return on my investment. When I saw that no one was leveraging promoted pins yet, I knew I had stumbled across GOLD. I decided to pour all of my focus into learning them inside and out. What I discovered became the crux of my future business. In 2016 my business had become profitable enough to quit corporate for good.  

Becoming an expert on promoted pins has allowed me to grow my blog, brand, and profit beyond my wildest dreams. Today I make multiple 6-figures each year from my digital product business. I serve over 20,000 students through all my Pinterest courses and over 1,000 of them have taken Pin Practical Promotions. But nothing compares to the time this has given me to truly be present with my family. I even used promoted pins to self-fund my last 8-week maternity leave in March 2018, which is one of the greatest personal rewards I’ve received from this business.  

If you’ve been making great sales in your business and want to learn how to amplify them even further to take your business to the next level, you are in exactly the right place. I created Pin Practical Promotions to teach you everything I know so you don’t have to stay stuck in Pinterest overwhelm anymore. 

Student Case Study


I've taken a lot of courses that are vague. Pin Practical Promotions isn't one of them. Monica will tell you exactly what to do to be successful with promoted pins. When Monica says, "do A, B, C, and D, and this is why you should do it..." It removes all of the "what ifs", and makes setting up a successful promoted pin for the first time super easy. 

Setting up a promoted pin is pretty technical and Pin Practical Promotions is like following a very detailed guide on how to do it the right way.

I also love the Amplifier Facebook group. Monica has monthly office hours, and is super responsive to student questions.

Over the past five months, I've made over four times my investment on promoted pins thanks to Pin Practical Promotions. I can't wait to implement Monica's latest advice to make even more money on my Pinterest ads!  


Jennifer Maker headshot


  • Campaign Objective: Make new sales
  • Amount Spent: $1,376.54 
  • Clickthrough Rate (CTR): 1.25%
  • Total Purchases: 353
  • Total Revenue: $6,001
  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): 453%

"I made 353 sales and $6,001 from my second promoted pin campaign! Monica showed me how to promote directly to a sales page and it has paid off with a 453% return on ad spend."

Jennifer Maker Promoted Pins Data



  • The Pin Practical Promotions Online Course: My 6-module course, frequently updated walkthrough tutorials, resource lists + worksheets, all at your fingertips and entirely self-paced. Now including TWO bonus modules! Join now and start the course at any time. 
  • Pin Practical Promotions Workbook: A 16-page, step-by-step workbook to guide you through implementing each module of the course in your business.
  • Pin Practical Primer eBook: My “101” quick-start version of the course, (40+ pages!) designed to introduce you to promoted pins before you dive into the deep end. 
  • Lifetime Updates: You will receive lifetime updates to the core curriculum (modules 1-6) for as long as the course exists.
Pin Practical Promotions Workbook

But that’s not all! You’ll also get 6 MORE BONUSES valued at over $1,000 USD!

  • Promoted Pins Funnel Cheat Sheets: 6 of Monica's expert funnels, yours for the swiping! Simply copy them into your marketing and sales workflows and customize to your products or services!  
  • Done-For-You Promoted Pin Keyword Research: We’ve researched keywords and organized them by niche, so you can find and utilize the perfect ones for your business! 
  • Promoted Pins Funnel Tracking Spreadsheet: Take the guesswork out of tracking your analytics with this helpful, easy to use tool!  
  • Pin Design Guide - Do This, Not That: Creating pin graphics that convert has never been so simple! We’ll show you the DOs and DON’Ts. 
  • 10 Done-For-You Canva Templates: 10 gorgeous, customizable, and reusable pin graphic templates to use on your blog posts and website.  
  • PLUS 2 free months of Tailwind + 1 free month of Convertkit: My favorite Pinterest and email management software apps. (New customers only.) 
  • Trello and Asana Organization: Easily navigate through the course with a helpful project management system built for Trello and Asana.


You'll get everything above plus VIP access to our members-only community valued at over $5,000 USD!

  • Our Online Community, "The Amplifier": Our private, members-only Facebook group for Pin Practical Promotions VIP students - where you can ask questions, give advice, share your wins, build relationships with fellow members, and get direct access to Monica. This group will be open through December 31, 2020. $997 value  
  • 2 Monthly Live Strategy Calls: Twice monthly live calls to answer your questions, and cover the latest Pinterest happenings. $1497 value
  • Online Business Deep Dives: Monica will cover topics like spinning your existing content for seasonal trends, reading and taking action on Pinterest analytics, tips for Pinterest ads managers, refining your offer for better conversions, and sharing her unfiltered thoughts on what's really going on with Pinterest and the online digital marketing space. $497 value
  • Campaign Spotlights: The opportunity to submit your promoted pin campaign for a live review and actionable next steps. $997 value
  • Dedicated Tech Support: Our new tech expert, Melissa, is on board to help you troubleshoot even the most frustrating tech hang-ups with your Pinterest codes. $297 value
  • Expert Mentor Support: Our team of dedicated Pinterest ads experts are ready and excited to help you troubleshoot your most challenging promoted pins questions. $297 value
  • Real-Time Pinterest Ads Updates & Trends: Stay up-to-date with the ever-changing Pinterest landscape with real-time updates and insider news. Invaluable!
Canva Pinterest Templates
Pin Practical Promotions

Student Case Study


Thanks to Pin Practical Promotions, I have been able to make my promoted pin ad spend back plus bring in extra revenue from tripwire sales and upsell sales! I'm getting new people on my list that I can sell to later which is a win all around.

This course is so much more than just how to do a promoted pin campaign. It's your strategy behind it, how to make the most out of it, and optimize it. I never would have figured this all out myself.  

When you invest in Pin Practical Promotions, you are going to make your money back at some point if you follow the funnels in the course. You don't have anything to lose because Monica will help you every step of the way. In the Amplifier Facebook group, she always answers every question plus there are live office hours too.

You really can't go wrong with your investment in this course. Monica is my favorite resource for all things promoted pins and sales funnels!  

~KARA FIDD, Simplifying DIY Design

Pin Practical Promotions Testimonial


updated October 2019

  • Campaign Objective: Make new sales
  • Amount Spent: $1,431
  • Clickthrough Rate (CTR): 1.46%
  • Total Purchases: 178
  • Total Revenue: $5,092
  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): 356%

"I've collected over 1,000 new email subscribers with Monica's funnel strategies! The costs are super low to acquire new email subscribers in the B2B space with Pinterest ads. Plus, I made my money back on the ad with tripwire sales and upsells with a 356% return on ad spend!"

Do I have enough money to run successful Pinterest campaigns?

Resourceful should be my middle name! I love helping our students get the most bang for their buck, and I can teach you how to work within your budget to get amazing traction.  

But I won’t lie to you. You have to be willing to invest if you want to see results. Larger budgets will yield better results than small ones. That’s just how it works.  

If you can commit to spending just $10 per day over the span of an ad campaign, you can unlock the passive profit you’ve been looking for and attract a steady stream of new, ideal customers who are ready to pay for your services.  

In the Pin Practical Promotions course, I’ll teach you how to set up promoted pins in a way that gets real RESULTS. And we’ll do it all without breaking the bank.

Pin Practical Promotions

I'll help you:

  • Strategize your campaigns so you don’t waste money you can’t afford to lose
  • Set up successful promoted pin funnels that turn new leads into excited customers
  • Target the right audiences for each campaign based on your specific goals
  • Optimize your website for conversions and install your Pinterest Tag in the right places
  • Read and understand your analytics reports, then use the data to make your next campaign even stronger

You can’t afford to miss this kind of opportunity!


A Sneak Peek into Pin Practical Promotions


How to create your Pinterest business account, claim your website, install your Pinterest tag, and set up rich pins.


Understand the 8 reasons to consider promoted pins and how to strategize each one for maximum effectiveness.


Identify your warm and cold audience, discover when to target each one, and learn how to set up custom audiences.


Step-by-step technical instructions for creating a successful campaign, tracking your conversions, and optimizing your sales.


Easily run campaign reports, troubleshoot performance issues, and make strategic changes to your ads for better results. Including a deep dive on how to scale your campaigns from long-term success.


Learn from your fellow students’ successes and failures with an assortment of helpful, real case studies.


Understand the right time to invest in promoted pins, walk through an in-depth analysis of 3 promoted pin funnels, and learn how to repurpose promoted pin data for free traffic!


Millions of people are actively using Pinterest to find the best solutions to their problems… and you’ve got great, time-tested offerings that are just what they’re looking for.  

By creating strategic Pinterest ads and funnels that lead a steady stream of new, ideal customers to your products and services, you can bring in more passive profit and amplify the impact of your business.  

Ready to join over 1,200 happy students, transform the way you market your business, and start earning more passive income? 




or (3) payments of $247





or (3) payments of $347

Mariah Coz testimonial

When we made the decision to really dive into paid pins and the 'Pinterest ads' world in our business I asked everyone I knew who they would recommend we learn from, and everyone said Monica! We had no doubts about making the investment for Pin Practical Promotions.  

Monica's course is so thorough, detailed and really covers all bases when it comes to everything we needed to know in order to hit the ground running.  

Our whole team has gotten so much value from the information and video trainings inside the course, and the knowledge we've been able to put into practice in Pinterest, is making a real, tangible shift in our business! 



This course was designed for small businesses who are making consistent sales and are ready to invest money into advertising so that they can gain more passive profit. Remember: promoted pins don't fix a broken funnel, and won't help you if people don't already pay for your offerings.

The strategies I teach in Pin Practical Promotions are easy to customize to any industry. Our students include bloggers, Etsy shop owners, Teachers Pay Teachers shop owners, course creators, and other creative entrepreneurs! If you already sell digital products, physical products, or services, you'll fit right in. Take a look at some of our student success stories.

If you don't currently have an offering to sell, this isn't the right course for you. I have a brand new course to walk you through creating an offering and mapping out your first sales funnel. It might be the perfect fit for your needs! Click here to learn more about Pin Practical Conversions.

Pin Practical Promotions is an advanced-level Pinterest course focused solely on setting up, implementing, and benefiting from low-cost promoted pins.

This course does not cover the basics of implementing a Pinterest strategy. If you need help with the basics, my course Pin Practical Masterclass is perfect for you! I suggest learning the basics of Pinterest before jumping into Pinterest advertising.

This course will benefit businesses with a small or large advertising budget, but I recommend being able to invest $10 minimum per day. My methods will teach you how to get results at any cost. The bigger the budget, the more you'll be able to scale. If you have a small budget, you'll benefit from maximizing your ad dollars!

Pinterest has not made their ads platform available to everyone just yet. If you live in and have your account set up in one of these countries, you can promote pins on Pinterest.

United States, Canada, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Cyprus, Malta, and Luxembourg

Yes! We've recently added transcripts to all of our videos inside Pin Practical Promotions!

This fear holds a lot of people back, but it doesn't have to! Anyone can set up successful promoted pins. I'll walk you through EVERYTHING step-by-step, and you'll find that setting up campaigns is so much easier than you think!

Yes! Just log in and complete lessons as you have time in your schedule. This means you can NEVER fall behind or lose your place. Most of our students say the content is so inspiring, they finish going through the tutorials quickly and start promoting pins almost right away!

I'm constantly updating the course to include the most current and relevant Pinterest marketing strategies. You can rest assured that the content and tutorials will be timely and effective.

Our VIP option comes with special access to Monica via our Amplifier community through December 31, 2020. If you choose to join us in the Amplifier by purchasing VIP, you'll have special access to our exclusive Facebook group where you can ask Monica questions.

If you do not join our VIP experience, you can send us course content related questions via email but we will not be able to assist with specific advice for your promoted pin campaigns or business.

You'll have access to Pin Practical Promotions for as long as the course exists. Including all updates to the core curriculum (modules 1-6). This does not include guaranteed access to future bonuses. Please read our terms and conditions for more information.

I am confident Pin Practical Promotions can work for you, no matter what industry you're in! With our happiness guarantee, you can purchase risk-free. If you complete the course, set up your first campaign, and complete the workbook assignments and still don't feel like it's a fit for you, you can request a refund. For complete details on our happiness guarantee, including the refund timeframe, please refer to our terms and conditions.

Melissa Culbertson from Blog Clarity and Pinning Perfect shares her thoughts on the Pinterest Ads course Pin Practical Promotions

Pin Practical Promotions left a lasting impression on blogging expert Melissa Culbertson from Blog Clarity...

Although I work directly with Pinterest on promoted pins for a large brand, when it comes to my own small online business, I didn’t have a clue how to do more than the basics. Monica is a godsend! Her knowledge of promoted pins is impressive and she knows how to make sense of the data so you can run better campaigns. Not only that, Monica walks you through how to strategically use pins to drive true business results, not just more website traffic. Pin Practical Promotions is the only course for promoted pins that I recommend to my Pinning Perfect students.

What would be possible with more leads, more profit, and more time in your schedule?

You started your business to break free and enjoy life on your terms. Scaling your business sustainably is so possible with passive income, and promoted pins make this so easy!

Don’t wait any longer to crack the Pinterest code.

Start making more money with promoted pins TODAY!




or (3) payments of $247




or (3) payments of $347

Pin Practical Promotions