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There is no time in a woman’s life quite like the 9+ months of pregnancy. I love so many things about being pregnant. For starters, no Aunt Flo for a long time. ; ) But I also love the first few flutterings of that new life which then turn into a noticeable movement. Which eventually turns into your very own form of entertainment as you watch your belly roll and change.

Pregnancy is a lot of work. After having a baby there are a lot of things I want to happen.

What I Love About Being Pregnant

It’s awesome being able to satisfy your biggest food cravings without having to worry (as much) about what it’s doing to your waistline. Having others serve you once you get too big and too tired to move is lovely. I love it when people ask me about my baby and if I have other children. I love planning for the new little one and the thoughts of holding him or her.

I love putting together the nursery and the clothes and the teeny-tiny baby diapers. I mean, was my first child ever that tiny??!! I can’t believe it! And the baby socks. Squeal!!

There are just so many things to love about being pregnant. And if I’m being honest, there are a lot of things that I am looking forward to after baby makes her arrival.

What I’m Looking Forward To

While I love the thought of the life growing inside of me, I must admit to longing for the day this little girl joins our family and I can get back to some things that I miss. I’ve been thinking about some of the more difficult changes that pregnancy brings to a woman.

Things like watching your body change right before your very eyes. It’s seeing your stomach roll as if an alien resides inside. It’s heartburn and ligament pain. Your hip joints stretch and, I don’t care how thin you were when you started this whole thing, eventually, rolling over in bed is like a dump truck trying to do a 3-point turn.

Don’t even get me started on maternity clothes. Do those tummy panels actually work for anyone? I just want pants that stay where I put them and a shirt to cover it all up. Pregnancy leggings were great for the first few months, but even they are now being asked to do things beyond their capacity.

I want to sleep all night without having to get up 38 times to pee.

Gone are the days of laying around, watching an entire season of whatever Netflix show I am currently binging while enjoying a glass, or 3, of wine. No yummy sushi, either. And on and on I could go.

During one particularly whiney (not WINEY mind you, because, hello, NO WINE)…anyway, during one particularly whiney session, I gave my husband a list of all the things I can’t wait to do once our sweet little girl is here. My list looked like this-

  1. Sleep on my stomach
  2. Eat sushi

  3. Have a yummy turkey sub (I did no deli meat while pregnant)

  4. Drink wine

  5. Get back to the gym

  6. Pee like a normal person (maybe??)

  7. Breathe

  8. Have no more sciatic pain (AMEN)

After I made out my list, I wondered if other women missed the same things I missed while pregnant. So I asked. Turns out I am not alone in my sufferings. : )

When I posed the question, “What are you most looking forward to once your baby is born”, a lot of women said that while they love being pregnant, they are really looking forward to some of the same things I am. And a mom or two even said sleep. Ha.

Only a first time Mom thinks she only gave up sleep for the pregnancy. The rest of us know that it’s a multi-year contract.

As I read the comments on the Facebook post. I noticed immediately that the things the women were looking forward to the most fell into specific categories. I’ve divided them accordingly and I hope you find as much hope and humor in them as I did.

Category #1 – My Body

Nothing changes more in pregnancy than the physical acts of daily life. Breathing while sleeping isn’t a given anymore. Let’s be real, breathing itself isn’t a given anymore. As baby grows, breathing becomes more and more difficult. And if you carry high, then you can bet you’ll be sleeping on multiple pillows for the last few months.

Several women mentioned desiring to be able to breathe normally again, while others said that bending over would be a real help. It’s not just the stomach that prohibits the bending over and the breathing, though. Another huge problem, literally, is the boobs.

I remember being young and wanting bigger boobs. Yeah. I learned my lesson the first time around. More than one woman mentioned looking forward to their boobs no longer resting on their enormous belly.

And how about no more getting up every hour all.night.long. to pee? That was a popular answer. Although a lady or two mentioned peeing like a normal person again and the moms of more than one child told us not to hold our breath. Something about sneezing and coughing being a dangerous public activity after birthing babies?

You know that funny thing we say, “I almost peed my pants!” Well, turns out it isn’t a joke for moms. *Note to self: practice squeezing my legs together really tight.*

Lots of women, including me, are anxious to get our body back. Or at least part of it. As much as we can. We are anxious to eat well again if we have splurged too often during pregnancy. We are antsy to get back to the gym and start sweating.

And last but definitely not least, did you know there are diseases that you can only get while pregnant? One of the women who commented had something called PUPPP rash. I can’t imagine how horrible this would be. AS IF that belly didn’t already itch all the time anyway. If you have had this rash, my sincerest sympathies.

Category #2 – Clothing and Shoes

Did you ever think there would come a day when you couldn’t tie your own shoes? Welcome to pregnancy.

Having trouble getting your own pants on or off? Especially leggings or yoga pants? Welcome to pregnancy.

I can’t even tell you how many women said they would be so happy to be able to tie their own shoes. Except for the women whose feet are so swollen they can’t even wear their shoes. Ouch.

And shaving your legs? Forget about it. Unless you are willing to let your partner loose with a razor around your knees and ankles. Yeah, forget about it.

And if you are used to wearing a wedding ring, you’ve either taken it off by now or you just hope that your finger doesn’t fall off from being squeezed to death as it gets ever tighter.

Category #3 – Food, Glorious Food…and Wine


I can literally taste it. Except, I can’t. Not for a little while longer. Several of the women mentioned looking forward to having sushi once their little one arrives. Along with sushi was also mentioned deli meat. I’m obviously not the only one who like my sub sandwiches.

What else are we women giving up for our precious babes in utero?

  • Raw cookie dough
  • Hot dogs

  • Coffee

  • Red Bulls

  • Beer

  • Wine

At least one woman confessed to “slugging a glass of wine” after the birth of her newest. I can get behind some slugging, yes I can. Sushi, wine, turkey subs…I don’t know what to have first!

Category #4 – Miscellaneous

There were a few things mentioned that I think are worth sharing even though they don’t fit neatly into one of the above categories.

  • No more diabetes. If you have struggled with gestational diabetes, I know you are looking forward to being done with the finger sticks and strict diet required by that.
  • Blood draws. If you were ever scared of needles, pregnancy cures you of that real quick like. I agree with the lady who mentioned looking forward to no more needles for quite some time.
  • Exercise. I mentioned going to the gym, but there was also a comment from someone who is looking forward to going on long, strenuous hikes again! And another person mentioned being excited about getting back to aerial dancing.
  • No more bedrest. All of the things we give up are small compared to the women who have to give up everything and stay in bed for the duration of their pregnancy. One dear lady said she would be so glad to be able to go to the grocery store again. (That puts some of my whinings into perspective.)

How About You?

I’ve shared what a couple dozen women and myself are looking forward to at the end of pregnancy. But I’m curious to know what you look forward to at the end of your pregnancies. What was the one thing that you couldn’t, or can’t, wait to have? Is it a food? Wine? A favorite pair of jeans?

Be sure to add your answer in the comments below so that we can all commiserate together!

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Pregnancy is a lot of work. After having a baby there are a lot of things I want to happen.


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