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I believe in New Year's Commitments. Resolutions only last minutes, commitments last year round. This year I want to lose weight but my reasons are important. All working moms can relate to this.

It seems cliche, my New Year’s commitment is to lose weight, but hear me out. I’ve never been skinny. At 30, I have come to terms with the fact that I will never be skinny and that is okay. I define happiness with my body in many different terms than Hollywood. Ideal to me is curvy and toned. My “then” picture is 35 lbs ago. I was working out 5 days a week (running & weights) and eating super clean. The reason I was spending so much time in the gym was personal turmoil and it was a way to release all the tension I was feeling. This was before my husband and my baby. Now I find myself comfortable in life and a lot less motivated since having Lydia, but I also find myself miserable with my body. I do not want to feel so exhausted, out of shape and flubbery anymore!

I believe in New Year's Commitments. Resolutions only last minutes, commitments last year round. This year I want to lose weight but my reasons are important. All working moms can relate to this.

*this post contains affiliate links

There are three reasons I am entering 2016 with a New Year’s commitment which is so much more than the typical New Year’s resolution. I know I have gotten myself into the routine of being healthy before and I know I can do it again. Here is what makes this year different:

#3 Kate Spade* planners are to die for! I will be planning out all our family meals and scheduling my gym days. There is truth in the notion that if you do not schedule it, you will not follow through with it. I am also an advocate of technology and suggest creating a shared calendar with your husband that has your family schedule on Google calendar. Check out my 9 Must Have Apps for Working Moms.

#2 My husband is officially joining me! This is HUGE folks. It was one thing to lose the weight before when I only had to worry about myself but when your husband (whom I love dearly) snubs eating healthy and exercising it seems near impossible for me to stay in the game and keep motivated. He is serious about getting in shape this year and I am super happy he is going to be joining me on the journey!

#1 Pregnancy. We want to get pregnant in 2016 (we have been trying for a while) and since Lydia was unplanned, I had already gained weight before getting pregnant and I know it contributed to how hard it has been to get it off since. I want to stay active during my next pregnancy and get it off to an awesome start! It’s not just for me but for the future baby too.

I believe in New Year's Commitments. Resolutions only last minutes, commitments last year round. This year I want to lose weight but my reasons are important. All working moms can relate to this.

My New Year’s Commitment

Things I am striving for on a consistent basis and goals I hope to accomplish:

  • Drink lots of water (I usually have this one down, but I could drink less coffee & beer)
  • Weigh in every other week and do not let a bad week stop future progress
  • Enjoy 1 cheat meal a week to stay sane
  • Run the 5k training program in 12 weeks, no excuses!
  • Run a 5k by the end of May 2016 and strive for an 11 minute average per mile (I am slow and I do not care, it is about how I feel not how fast I run)

I want to hear from you. What is your New Year’s commitment? How will you stay accountable?

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  1. Sounds like a great commitment! You’re on the same page as I am – except for the getting pregnant part! I have 4 and we’re done! Check out an app: Pact. That’s what I’m using this year.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation Shannon, I will check that out!

  2. I’m cheering you on!!! And I’m so excited about the baby!

    1. Thanks Liz, official start date is Monday (for Plexus that is)!!

  3. Good for you Monica you took the first step in my book which is to give something enough detailed thought to making it a reality. If we don’t plan then we are just reacting to things.

    I have set a goal to lose 64 pounds by 12/31/2014. I know that you and other people don’t like to focus so much on numbers but I am following the SMART system for goal setting and I am a super detailed person so the details of the numbers help keep me accountable.

    I plan to do this by initially using what I call the plate theory. I purchased a salad plate over the holidays. In a nutshell I can have whatever I want on that plate but I can not go back for seconds and I can only have three meals a day. I also plan to get up at 5am Monday – Saturday and do a 20 – 30 workout in my home from TV workout programs, three days of cardio, one stretching/yoga and two of days of strength training/weights/resistance training.

    Good Luck. Anything that you really want you can do I beilieve that down to my core.

    1. Good luck Monica! Thats an awesome goal, I know you can do it!

  4. Great goals, the water is still a hard one for me. I lost a lot of weight many many many years ago and have worked in the fitness field for 15 years now. You make the great point of being comfortable, that’s hard for moms. Glad your husband is on board! Look forward to seeing your updates.

    1. Thanks Melissa, I appreciate your words of encouragement!

  5. Great post! I certainly have my fair share to lose as well. I would also take your measurements before you start. Sometimes you will not see the scale go down, but your inches will! Your body will be re-shaping itself. Something that has recently helped me is my Fitness Pal App that I have on my phone. It tracks everything for me and all foods, restaurant foods etc. are loaded on there. I am not trying to plug it (I get no credit for it). I just know I was never good at keeping a food diary and this app was great for me to easily stay on track and be accountable. It also opened my eyes to just how much food I was really eating and drinking. Good luck!

  6. Great plans you have for this year! It’s also a good thing that your husband is joining you on your plan for a healthier lifestyle. There’s nothing like a having a partner who will support you and help you reach your goal!

  7. Those are awesome goals. Obviously your focus is on feeling strong and healthy rather than looking a certain way (which is unattainable for 90% of us anyway). I’m also hoping to run a 10k sometime in the fall. Having a fitness goal to work towards is so crucial. After I had my first baby I ran one of those warrior dash/Spartan race things and I trained hard for it. It was a great way to get out with my baby and other moms.
    Now that I have two (I had my second in October) it’s a lot harder to find the time, although I’m hoping once this apocalyptic weather breaks I’ll be able to take both kids out in the jogging stroller.
    Great post! And good for you!

  8. Stopping by from SITS with comment love. First off, I love your blog and the welcoming feel that it gives. Coming to terms with your weight and who you are is great attitude, it will go a long way in the end with helping you to work through on the things that you have committed to. Awesome goals also that you have. Wishing you all the best.

  9. Stopping by from SITS, hoping to spread Comment Luv. Both your blog and your personality are warm and welcoming, and I wish you the best as you strive to lose weight this year. I lost 40 pounds doing weight watchers, and feel so much better about myself now.

  10. I like the idea of commitments rather than resolutions. To me the word makes it feel like you have to do it making them seem more important.