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These are my 9 must have apps for working moms that increase productivity and help with time management.

As a working mom, staying organized is a necessity. I am what they call a productivity app junkie!

My post 5 Productivity Apps for Working Moms was extremely popular so I decided to capture the top 9 must-have apps for working moms that I use every day to keep life easy and compiled them here for you!

Apps for Working Moms

#1 Evernote

I cannot express enough how much I adore Evernote. I use Evernote for day to day note taking for work, home and blogging. I reference my notes often times while I am on the go which is why I love that it syncs to all my devices. I know for a fact I have not unlocked all the power in this beauty. I’d take it over OneNote any day. I have had major sync issues with OneNote over the year and eventually gave up on it, plus I think Evernote is more intuitive.

Need help getting started? Evernote Essentials by Brett Kelly is a great resource for beginners!

#2 Google Drive

I was so resistant to the “cloud” for a long time (despite the fact that working in cloud computing is my day job!). I figured it would be just one more thing I had to remember to do when I uploaded pictures or videos to my computer. The exact opposite is true. I have chronologically backed up all of my daughter’s life thus far and I use it to back up all my blog/freelance files as well as important documents for our personal lives. I find myself looking for “that picture from over the summer” to show my BFF at work more times than I can count and it’s easy as pie to do with this app. I pay $9.99/month and get 1TB and I’ve been using it consistently for all my files for 3 years.

#3 Amazon Prime

I resisted this one even longer than Google Drive. Why would I want to pay Amazon $99 to mail me packages in 2 days when I could just order the free shipping minimum for basically the same thing? Why? Because it’s freaking awesome, that’s why! One day my headphones broke on my run and I had no time to get to the store and 2 days later the same exact headphones showed up on my doorstep. Christmas shopping? Yes, please. I did it from my phone, at work, in 15 minutes and had wrapped presents 3 days later. This is a working mom’s dream. You also get free access to all of their Prime TV shows and movies which has a pretty good selection. You can get your first 30 days for free.

#4 Wegman’s App

No more paper grocery lists! Each week I used to procrastinate on grocery shopping because I had no idea what we needed or what I should buy. I’d always forget something basic like the milk or bread and have to make two trips. Then I discovered this gem. By using Wegman’s Shoppers Club card, I can go back and see all my past purchases and use that as a baseline for starting a new list within the app for that week’s grocery trip. It also recommends things I might need that week based on past purchases. Love it!

#5 Target Cartwheel

Save more money at Target? Does this need any further explanation?

#6 Pocket

This nifty app lets you save links to read for later. It works in your computer’s browser, your mobile browser and even on Twitter. I use it the most when I am browsing Twitter and come across something I want to read but don’t have time to in the moment.

#7 Mint

This is a great app to keep track of all your spending and balances from your credit cards and bank accounts. It’s how I keep a holistic view of where we stand financially.

#8 Trip It

This app was purchased by the travel company that handles all the travel arrangements where my husband and I work. I loved it before then, but I love it even more now because all travel arrangements either of us makes for our jobs automatically shows up in this app. We use it for planning our personal vacations as well.

#9 Weight Watchers Mobile

You have to be a member of Weight Watchers to use this, but I signed up for as little as $100 for 3 months for unlimited meetings and access to all of their online tools. For whatever reason, the points system has always worked best for me and this app has a handy scanner built in so you can quickly scan items in the grocery store to see their points value.

Looking for more ways to be organized?

Check out my resource pages for other amazing tips on how to stay organized as a working mom.

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These are my 9 must have apps for working moms that increase productivity and help with time management.

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  1. I LOVE Pocket! I use it to save everything I want to read for me later, but also things I want to share on Facebook, send to a friend, send to my husband. Love it!

  2. Oooh…I might have to try Evernote! I love Google Drive (a shared spreadsheet with the hubs serves as a running balance budget) and I also love Out Of Milk for grocery shopping because it keeps a running balance of your total so you know well in advance of the checkstand whether you’re over budget!

  3. I use several of these apps myself. Here’s another one to consider: Moment. I heard about it from this NPR story regarding boredom and creativity (and how checking our mobile phones all the time kills that “brain space” we used to have pre-mobile):

    I just downloaded Moment and signed up for the challenge they’re hosting in February. Will report on how it goes!

  4. Just stumbled upon your 9 Must Have Apps review. Great apps, thanks for sharing!

  5. I have to agree Amazon Prime is amazing. I love the free 2 day shipping and free movies and music that they provide. Great list by the way.

  6. I am a full-time career mom that has just been, thanks to you, introduced to Evernote! I absolutely love it! I am finding that with a career, 3 children with their activities, and volunteer work…organization in my mind is just not cutting it anymore. Evernote is a fabulous means to keep my entire life organized from work to school stuff…the possibilities are endless. It is not just a life organizer…it is a thought organizer that helps me take snapshots and jot down notes/ideas of inspiration as they unfold in real-time. Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. I have since migrated all my notes to Google Drive but honestly they serve the same function its just a matter of preference. Thank you for stopping by!

  7. I love the grocery app Our Groceries. It syncs over all of your devices and allows you to create multiple lists. (For example, I have one list for super target and one for Costco). Also, you can share the account you create with your family members and everyone can add need items and they appear in real time. If I go to the store and my husband remembers he needs shaving cream he can add it to the list – which he knows I’m looking at – so he knows I’ll see it.

  8. Laura Hudson says:

    Great tips! I love the grocery list app, Our Groceries. It allows you to create multiple lists and create your own categories – plus choose how you want it organized. The other thing I love is that you can invite household members to collaborate on the lists and they can contribute and update in real time. For instance, if my teenage daughter realizes she needs a pack of pencil lead for school after I’ve left for the store, she can simply add it to my list and it will appear, exactly where she knows I will see it. Also, we build our list throughout the week. I tell the kids and my husband if they notice something is low to add it to the list instead of trying to remember. Just today my husband noticed we only had a few trash bags left so he put in the list immediately. It has saved us from forgetting stuff and having to make multiple trips to the store.

  9. Cynthia Robinson says:

    Have not regretted one day of using Amazong Prime! Saves me so much time with Auto Ship on lots of products… working full time and caring for an elderly parent, there is not much time for everyday life!

  10. I absolutely LOVE Amazon Prime and have for the last few years! Working full time and caregiver to an elderly parent totally consumes my time and leaving little time for much else. So worth the $99. From Free shipping, to deals offered and movies! It is GREAT!