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7 essentials for working moms includes everything you need to manage your mornings, stay organized, and do it all while being stylish!

If you are a working mom, you know that most mornings are a total blur of activity. It’s a challenge to get yourself showered little alone getting everyone out the door ready and on time every morning. I’m a huge fan of prepping everything the night before so that mornings are as easy as possible. I do that by having a system in place of what needs to get done every night. That includes packing my work bag and everyone’s lunches.

Here are a few essentials for working moms that are both practical and stylish that will hopefully help keep even the busiest moms organized…

Plus a few fun items, because who said working moms can’t find pretty pens fun?!

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7 Essentials for Working Moms

 #1 Insulated Lunch Bag and Containers

Chances are you’re already packing lunch for everyone else so make sure to pack something good for yourself too. Prepping lunch the night before is important for getting through the entire day at work and avoiding that 4pm hangry moment (plus I know your coworkers will appreciate that!). The Fit & Fresh Ashland Lunch Bag is an insulated lunch bag is both stylish and practical and it comes with three containers and reusable ice pack.

#2 Reusable Water Bottle 

I don’t know about you, but I don’t drink enough water throughout the day unless it’s readily available. When I was pregnant I wouldn’t leave my desk without my water bottle. I recommend the CamelBak Water Bottle. I bought the one in pink but they come in all different colors. If you are not a huge fan of water, try an infuser water bottle to add fruits and herbs for more flavor.

 #3 An Amazing Planner or Notebook

I talk a lot about how I stay organized. I switch between digital methods and paper methods and what works best changes from time to time. One thing is for sure, when I work in the office, a paper planner is a must. I need to have pages that give me a complete monthly view of what’s going on. My favorite right now is the Blue Sky 2017 Weekly & Monthly Planner.

#4 Laptop Bag 

Nothing matters more to me than having a reliable and sturdy laptop bag. Especially for those who travel a lot, having a laptop bag that cannot hold up during wear and tear is not an option and it must be comfortable to transport over long distances! Of course, having a stylish bag is a nice bonus too. My favorite is BfB Laptop Notebook Computer Shoulder Bag For Women, I have it in black but it also comes in gray and red.

#5 Colorful Pens and Highlighters

Because… pens, pens, and more pens! You really can’t go wrong…

#6 Folder Organization

Nothing makes me happier than pretty folders on my desk. Every time I have a new project or excuse to use one, I instantly have a better day!

#7 Sticky Notes

In 2008, I took the Franklin Covey class at work and the instructor hated sticky notes and made me swear I’d give them up. Ha, that didn’t happen. Everyone needs pretty sticky notes at their desk, plus you can use them in your planner too.

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7 essentials for working moms includes everything you need to manage your mornings, stay organized, and do it all while being stylish!

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