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I know that many people track their family budget using pen and paper. There is something satisfying about writing down your financial goals or checking off a paid bill within your budget planner. I believe that if you don’t write down your goals and track their progress then you will never achieve what you set out to do.

The same is true for finances. It’s so important for families to keep track of where they stand financially and I am all for helping the busy family find a way to do that fast, efficiently, and effectively.

Download this FREE printable budget planner! It comes with 9 sheets to help you plan your budget, pay bills, and keep track of important financial records. The sheets include: weekly expense log, bill payment tracker, monthly bill payment log, monthly budget plan, debt payment log, yearly summary, account tracker, monthly savings tracker, and check ledger. Busy moms don't get caught up in being disorganized when it's time to pay the bills, get organized with this FREE Printable Budget Planner!

For my paper-loving friends, I’ve created a FREE Printable Budget Planner just for you.

The FREE Printable Budget Planner Includes:

  1. Weekly expense log
  2. Bill payment tracker (so you check off each bill every month you pay it!)
  3. Monthly bill payment log
  4. Monthly budget plan
  5. Debt payment log (track your progress!)
  6. Yearly summary
  7. Account tracker
  8. Monthly savings tracker (set your goals!)
  9. Check ledger
  10. Debt payoff goal tracker
  11. Top 5 financial goal worksheet
  12. Front cover
  13. 1′, 1/ 1/2″, 2′, 3′, 4′ inch spine options


Family Budget Spreadsheet and Cash Projections

easy budget and financial planning spreadsheet for busy families

As a working mom, I know a lot of my readers live in a digital world and would rather track their budgets paperless. One of the biggest drawbacks to a paper budget is that it’s hard to project out expenses and have a solid understanding of where you sit financially.

For example, if you project out all your expenses for a year and in the middle of the year an unexpected expense hits, do you know where that will leave you the rest of the year? You may have an idea, but we know that unexpected expenses come up a lot so why not have a way to project out your cash flow and understand your finances better?

Cash projections help you to plan better, save more, and spend less time in your finances. Being organized from month to month considerably cuts back on the time you need to spend paying bills, a perfect solution for busy families!

I recently put together the system I use to manage our family finances in Google Sheets. It’s called the Easy Budget and Financial Planning Spreadsheet for Busy Families and it’s basically what I live and breathe by with making financial decisions quickly and easily for our family. I include a 22-minute video showing how to set it up and use it to make monthly bill paying and projecting out your financial cash flow super easy!

If you feel like you spend way too much time paying bills every month, you have no idea what your cash flow will look like at the end of the year, or you have no digital organization of your finances, Easy Budget and Financial Planning Spreadsheet for Busy Families is a must-have!

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