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Of all the people online these days 200 million of them are on Pinterest …. 200MILLION! If you look at Google, where 3.5 billion of searches are done every day, you can guesstimate how much interaction in the search world happens just on Pinterest.

10 Easy Fixes To Increase Blog Traffic Fast With Pinterest. Pinterest is a powerful search engine for building your blog and online marketing, just like Google. Pinterest marketing tips, Pinterest marketing strategies, Pinterest marketing for bloggers, Pinterest course

Increase Blog Traffic Fast With Pinterest

Just for conjecture, let’s look at this. Pinterest and Google are both search engines—people use them to find stuff, answers to stuff, and shop for stuff. Let’s suppose those 200 million Pinterest users also searched for something on Pinterest once a day too. So combining all search done and Pinterest and Google each day, we get about 3,650,000,000 searches per day. Wow!

Okay, now take the Pinterest fraction of that: 200 million divided by 3.65 billion total searches. That equals 4%. Four percent of searches are done on Pinterest. Okay, that may not seem like much. But let’s look at how this plays out in the real world.

Advantages Of Using Pinterest For Blog Traffic

So I did a few searches incognito on Google and found that on every results page, Pinterest results appeared. So that means you have DOUBLE the search juice with Pinterest because Google will rank and use Pinterest results in their own results too.

Here are two examples from just search for Redefining Mom and Busy Moms Building.  I got Pinterest results each time right on the front page of results.

10 Easy Fixes To Increase Blog Traffic Fast With Pinterest. Pinterest is a powerful search engine for building your blog and online marketing, just like Google. Pinterest marketing tips, Pinterest marketing strategies, Pinterest marketing for bloggers, Pinterest course 10 Easy Fixes To Increase Blog Traffic Fast With Pinterest. Pinterest is a powerful search engine for building your blog and online marketing, just like Google. Pinterest marketing tips, Pinterest marketing strategies, Pinterest marketing for bloggers, Pinterest course

Also, on the other hand, you have less competition for traffic because there aren’t as many people in Pinterest as there is Google.  See what I’m saying? I always highly recommend getting your blog posts on Pinterest for these very reasons.

I could go on and on about the benefits and the why you should use Pinterest to increase your blog traffic. But I know you’re an action-oriented mom that wants those tips!  Sure thing.

Before you jump into the 10 easy fixes, you may want to check out a recent Facebook live I did on Facebook all about the recent changes Pinterest has been making!


Now, without further ado, here are the best 10 easy fixes to increase your blog traffic fast by using Pinterest.

#1 Keyword Research For Everything

So you know that Pinterest is a search engine. That means Pinterest can’t find your stuff and know what to show people unless you have specific keywords attached to your pins and profile. Here’s the process you want to follow:

  1. before you write your blog post, do keyword research to find great topics relevant to your niche
  2. use the Pinterest search bar to find trending and popular keywords
  3. put those keywords in the blog post title, and even on your pin image’s text overlay
  4. add those keywords in the pin description, along with other similar and relevant keywords

How to find keywords on Pinterest

Your pin descriptions are the most important places to put your relevant keywords. Don’t skip this step!  You can create beautiful pins all day long. But if Pinterest doesn’t know what your pin is about, it’s not going to show up in people’s feeds.

Follow these steps every single time that you create some new content to pin. But you also want to make sure that your profile is optimized with keywords too. Find slightly more broad keywords that are relevant to your niche and include them in all of these places:

  • Profile name
  • Profile description
  • Board titles
  • Board descriptions

Creating spreadsheets to track the keywords that you want to target is really helpful for this.  It’ll help you know what you’ve placed where, which keywords you have or haven’t used, etc.

#2 Tailwind Tribes

In the Pinterest world, sharing is caring. The nice thing about using tools like Tailwind for tribes and utilizing group boards is that your stuff is shown to other people’s audiences. You’re able to reach SO much more people than you would have otherwise.

Plus you can also find other great content that your audience may love! Paying it forward will also reap you positive rewards on the back end. But how do you know if a tribe is even worth your time?

There’s a lot about Pinterest analytics you can dig around in to find exact stats. But you can generally see signs overall if your tribe is going to be beneficial for you to participate in.

  • Find tribes that have many active users that are consistently contributing pins
  • Stick to tribes that are niche specific and not “everything goes” kind of tribes
  • Scan through tribe content and see if the pins are high quality, this means the contributors are smart Pinterest users

You have to get into some tribes and try them out to see if you’re going to enjoy even participating. I’ve joined tribes before that looked great on the surface. But then I was consistently finding that there was enough quality content that was specific to my audience that I even wanted to share. So I left it, no problem.

#3 Pin Daily On Autopilot

One big key for consistent traffic, especially with Pinterest, is consistent activity. Consistent activity means regular pinning on a daily basis. When you should be pinning 10+ pins per day in order to see results, how can you make all that happen?

The nice thing about the Pinterest algorithm is that you’re not penalized for auto-scheduling with the platform. So this is where awesome tools come in! My favorite Pinterest scheduler is Tailwind because it’s so powerful.

Keep your scheduling queue filled and it will take care of the rest. You can schedule pins out for the next few weeks or month in just an hour or two.

Tailwind’s Chrome extension makes it even easier because you can schedule right inside of Pinterest, your favorite blogs, and your own content as well.

#4 Enable Rich Pins

Rich pins have more distinct identifiers and information that is supplied to Pinterest. Having this feature enabled on your blog allows rich pins to happen automatically every time any of your pins are pinned.

Information about the link source and a snippet of the content is provided. It helps your pins look much more legitimate and Pinterest likes that!

Here’s a tutorial on how to set up Rich Pins on your WordPress blog.

#5 Call To Actions On Pins

If you have a freebie, download, printable, or bonus resource with your blog post, let the viewer know right on your pin.

  • Include an image of your freebie
  • Include text that says what they’ll get from your post
  • Have arrows or icons that point out the freebie more easily
  • Tell them to grab their download in the pin description
  • List the benefits of your bonus right on the pin, just not too lengthy

When they can see the actual things they’re going to get, they’re more likely to click there. Tell the WHY they should click through and/or save your pin. Here is one of my own pins so you can see an example.

10 Easy Fixes To Increase Blog Traffic Fast With Pinterest. Pinterest is a powerful search engine for building your blog and online marketing, just like Google. Pinterest marketing tips, Pinterest marketing strategies, Pinterest marketing for bloggers, Pinterest course

Every time you create some new content, create at least two pins that lead to the same post. There’s no rule that you have to have one single pin per blog post.

#6 Test Multiple Pins Per Post

Eventually, you may have the same pins floating around so much that your followers may feel like they’re seeing the same pins over and over. We don’t want that, of course. So creating new pins from the beginning or a few times per year can generate new traffic simply because you have new pins.

Plus, you can change the text, descriptions, call-to-actions, and graphics with each pin to test what your followers will like better. Different pins will be more popular than others. You can track which ones are doing better, live pin those more often, and see the appear in results more because they’re more popular.

You can find your best-performing pins in Google Analytics. Go to Acquisition > Social > Network > Referrals.

Here’s a video on installing Google Analytics if you need a little help with that.

#7 Create a Pinterest Business Account

Some bloggers are still nervous about losing a lot of their traffic by switching to a business account because of what happened with Facebook a few years ago. Please don’t be afraid!

Pinterest does not favor personal accounts over business accounts in their smart feed. The HUGE advantage of business accounts is that you can promote pins. Promoted pins are essentially ads with the pins of your choosing. They’re very inexpensive and can drive more traffic, followers, and sales for your business if utilized correctly.

You also get Pinterest’s analytics with your account. It’s very easy to switch to a business account and you can follow this tutorial to make it happen.

#8 Install Pin It Buttons On Your Blog

There are hundreds of ways to have sharing buttons on your pinnable images and blog posts. No matter what you choose, make sure it’s clear to your viewers that they should pin your content.

  • Have a pin it button that pops up right on your pinnable image
  • Have sharing buttons that include Pinterest above/below posts, or on your sidebar, I recommend Social Warfare and use it on this blog
  • Have a call to action in your post that tells readers to Pin It!
  • Use a plugin to directly affect what people pin from your content

Social Warfare is the best plugin I’ve found for social sharing because you can specifically designate the exact image and description you want for your pins when people share from your blog.

Here’s a great tutorial on how to use Social Warfare.

#9 Pin Based On Trends

Seasonal topics that come and go at specific times of the year are important to follow. Let’s say you have a spectacular pin that goes viral for Valentine’s Day but it doesn’t make sense to be pinning it in the middle of the summer.

When you pay attention to what people are pinning and looking for throughout the year, you’re more likely to get eyes on your pins. You can keep on top of and utilize trending topics in a couple of ways:

  • Place your cursor in the search bar and you’ll see ‘Trending topics’ listed
  • Pin great content in trending topics that make sense for your niche and boards
  • Create content for specific holidays and have it circulating within the month before
  • Remove pins from your scheduler that don’t make sense for that time of year so they don’t get published

The more you are actively pinning and creating content that people are looking for, the more likely your traffic will explode!

Be sure to plan ahead and always be thinking about the next few months that are coming. That way you’ll always be ahead of the curve.

#10 Keep Experimenting And You’ll Make It

If you follow all of these tips consistently, be prepared to watch your Pinterest traffic grow fantastically! But just because you implement a few of these or even all of them, doesn’t guarantee a skyrocketing profile.

There is always a bit of experimentation that needs to happen in order to see what works best for your blog and audience. The best way to know if your efforts are working is to stay on top of one method for at least a month, then go back and review your analytics to see the results.

If you’re active on Pinterest no matter what, you’re likely to always have positive growth. Always remember that things take time, and there is no one perfect solution for every Pinterest situation.

Hang in there and things will grow.

Pins stick around forever and don’t get lost like links do in Google. Keep at it and you’ll see your blog traffic grow from Pinterest every day!

Pin Practical Masterclass

Pin Practical Masterclass

If you want to learn more about maximizing Pinterest for your blog, check out my Pin Practical Masterclass!

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10 Easy Fixes To Increase Blog Traffic Fast With Pinterest. Pinterest is a powerful search engine for building your blog and online marketing, just like Google. Pinterest marketing tips, Pinterest marketing strategies, Pinterest marketing for bloggers, Pinterest course

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  1. Thanks for this! I just got my blog up and running this past month, and I’m in my free trial with Tailwind. Going great so far! I really appreciate your tips 🙂

  2. Thank you for this article. It was really helpful!!

  3. This post was very insightful. I am a creative visual artist who paints and draw. I know there are a lot of hobby/crafts group boards and tribes. Very few tribes for specifically visual art, but I know there is a ton of potential for me to use Pinterest. Still haven’t fully figured it out. Your point regarding using niche specific tribes is what hit me. Continue sharing great posts like this. I pinned it to my creative marketing board.

  4. What do you mean by re-pinning your own stuff? Won’t you then end up with multiple of the same pin on your board? Sorry! Just starting to learn 😀

    1. I have to jump here to give you an answer. Yes re-pinning your own images is good to keep those pins rolling. Find images from your site that others have re-pinned and re-pin them to a different but related board or to a group board. These will keep your pins being discovered by new people.

  5. Thanks for the article! Great info and I am planning signing up for tailwind (new blogger)! I have a question on the manual pins. When you repin something to a board that you previously saved it to, do you delete the older one? I have read not to delete boards (just to archive if they are no longer relevant) but I can’t find any info on the pins.

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